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All your questions answered

What is our relationship together?
Where am I able to sell the Pete + Lucy line?
How does the ordering process work?
What are my costs for the items and what can I sell them for?
Can I purchase a sample prior to signing up?
Do I have to pay the full price of the opening bundle up front?
How does the $175 monthly minimum order work?
Do you have a catalog?
How much can I make as a Retailer?
Can I have a business partner?
Do I have to sign a contract?
How does the compensation work?
How do I manage my inventory?
What is The Boutique Blueprint?
How are your outfits different than other online boutiques out there?
Will you be selling your items yourselves, thus becoming my competition?
Are there any fees associated with being a Retailer?
How quickly do items ship after I order them?
What is your refund policy?